Magyal Pomra Encampment 2013 Application Form

  • Skills

  • Dorje Kasung Experience

  • Shambhala Involvement

  • Victory over war means victory over self.
    Victory over self means victory over others.
    Let us not forget the virtue of command
    Let us not forget the virtue of being Dorje Kasung.
    Never forget the Makkyi Rabjam and Magyel Pomra in that order.
    Hail to the simple soldiers.
    Excerpt from ”A Salute to Kasungship”
    Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
    RMDC 1989
  • Health Considerations / Diet

  • Contact Information in case of emergency during MPE

  • Arrival & Departure

  • Required essay

  • General consideration for applicants

  • All first time participants must attend the entire encampment. Partial attendance requests by veterans must be indicated on the application form.

    Encampment practice begins at 13.00 hrs July 14 2013, and ends at 13.00 hrs July 23 2013, when we are dismissed by the Presiding Officer. Travel arrangements should be made accordingly. As in all our sadhana practices we will be creating the mandala, practicing, dissolving, and dedicating the merit together.

    Attending MPE is vital to the understanding of the Dorje Kasung path, every attempt is made to keep participant costs as low as possible. However, funds must be secured annually from this program to repair and replace equipment. Please explore your payment options with your local Rusung and make every effort to fully contribute your richness into this.